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Planning and Time Management for Examination Days  

February and March are the crucial months for exam preparations. How to score high, how to utilize time, how to study and which is a perfect way for revision, all these questions are answered and highlighted here. Parents should also keep their children away from the domestic tensions and worries. They should co-operate them in finding out the solutions of their problems and help them to follow these study tips :

Stay Healthy :

During Exam days the only concern of students is how to score well. Besides exams, they have to take care of their health. To keep their body fit and fine students should do exercises regularly, take butter, milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables in their daily diet. Besides, these food items they should supplement their diet with fruits, juice and soup. They should take a little rest after their study. They should stroll for a while as it would make them feel afresh and active.

Be an Early Riser :

Students should study early in the morning as our mind is fresh at that time. So the study for 2-3 hours will be beneficial and long-lasting.
Do not Study till Late :
Some students like studying till late at night. Specialists argue that memory cells are not so active or function properly as they do during the day time. Study for eight hours at night is equivalent to the four hours study in a day. So abstain from studying till late at night.

Avoid Beverages :

Generally, students take tea or coffee at regular intervals during exam days, thinking, that it would lessen their fatigue, tension and makes their mind sharp. Do not take tea or coffee as they cause acidity.

Time Management :

It is true “Time and Tide waits for none”. It is inevitable to know the value of time. It is an art through which a student learns how to utilize the time. If any student complains that the syllabus is vast and he is running short of time, it indicates that his time management is not up to mark.

Fix your Preference :

Students should fix their preference regarding study and other activities. It would help them to utilize their time for study

Practice Regularly :

"Practice makes man perfect". Keeping this in their mind, students should do a lot of practice of the given assignments/unsolved papers. Doing such should be a part of their routine. The more they practice, the more they become efficient in all the subjects.

Notes Preparation :

Students should study the topic thoroughly before preparing notes. Because ambiguity of a topic will effect the quality of the notes. It increases their writing speed and also makes their hand-writing legible.

Good Hand-writing :

Students can impress examiners by their legible and good hand-writing. They should practice good handwriting. In senior classes, students have to write against time for answering the long questions. But they start scribbling in the middle and sometimes it become very difficult for an examiner to understand their hand-writing. So hand-writing of students should be up to mark.

Adequate Sleep :

Inadequate sleep can bring down ability and slacken the efforts made by students. So, have a sound sleep for 6-8 hrs. daily.

Have Paper and Pen:

While studying students should have paper and pen with them. They should write important points to recollect the topic.

Self-Confidence :

Sometimes lack of self-confidence causes tension or depression in students. Protect yourselves from such kind of tensions and use relaxation techniques- meditation/yoga etc. to boost your self confidence.


Change in Schedule :

During exam days, students should bring a change in their study schedule. To meet friends and to phone them for the matters beside the mark should be avoided.

​Clear your Doubts :

Students should ask their subject related problems to their teachers keeping aside their hesitation. Ambiguous, difficult and complicated questions should be discussed with teachers/peer group. They must know ins and outs of the topic.

Avoid Memory-boosting Pills :

Some students use medicines and other certain types of drugs to enhance their memory. These pills can affect their health negatively. So these should be avoided.

Improve Linguistic Skills :

Often it is observed that Hindi medium students find difficulty in learning English and English medium students face problems in understanding some complicated words of Hindi. To tackle this problem students should always have dictionary with them during study.

Postpone Functions and Programmes :

Parents should not fix Functions and Celebrations at home during their ward's exam days. On the other hand, they can postpone them till the exams are over.

Peaceful Learning Environment :

Parents should remove radio, T.V. and other devices from their children's study room as all these equipment deviate their concentration.

Always Aim High :

Students, who, aims at 100% marks, get 90- 95 percent. High goal requires tireless and sincere efforts, self- confidence and perseverance leading to excellent results.

Know your Drawbacks :

Students should know where he lacks. The subject or the topic concerned should be concentrated carefully, so that the mistakes can be avoided. Students should devote extra hours to the complicated topics. They should strive hard to overcome these drawbacks.

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